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Boiler Servicing Oxfordshire

Professional Oxfordshire boiler Servicing

Your boiler is the heartbeat of your home, especially in winter or cooler months when you want your home cosy and warm. Knowing that your boiler is working properly is comforting, giving you peace of mind that nothing will go wrong when you need it.

RJ Harrison are boiler experts. We design and install the most reliable and efficient systems available on the market today. We’ve been providing boiler servicing for a long time now and so whether your boiler is brand new or an older model, we have the skills to make sure it’s working as well as it should. 

Our Boiler Servicing Process


We will take a look at your boiler to make sure it still meets current standards.


Next, we’ll remove the casing and check that all components are still working.


The gas valve will be adjusted to make sure the burner is efficiently burning.


We check for leaks and the inside of the casing is cleaned if needed.